Information you will receive when making a dyno run at Cen-Tex Engine Dyno.
• Horsepower (corrected/uncorrected)
• Torque (corrected/uncorrected)
• Mass Fuel Flow lbs. Per Hr.
• Mass Airflow standard cubic feet per minute (scfm)
• Air/Fuel Ratio
• Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (lbs. per Hr.)
• Brake Specific Air Consumption (horsepower per Hr.)
• Volumetric Efficiency
•  O2  readings for up to 8 Cylinders
• Coolant temperature
• Oil temperature
• Inlet temperature
• 8 EGT’s (optional)
• Mechanical Efficiency
• Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP)
• Oil pressure
• Manifold pressure
• Baro pressure
• Humidity
• Density altitude
• Current Correction factor
• Vapor pressure
• Engine Blowby

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Cen-Tex Engine Dyno

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We do most domestic engines and we have done some foreign engines, give us a call. Mechanical fuel injection is one of our specialties.