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Cen-Tex Engine Dyno


Q. Who would use an engine dyno service?

A. A automotive or boat enthusiast who has their engine out of the vehicle and wants to make sure the  engine is perfect (no oil leaks, tune up is right, ect) before reinstalling in their vehicle.


Q. How long is a typical session?


A. I recommend a full 8 hr. day, although we have shorter sessions these are usually used for engine break-in only.


 Q You mention engine break-in, is this important?


A. The 1st 20 mins are the most important in your engine “life”. The engine must be put under a varying partial load immediately to ensure the piston rings achieve maximum oil control.  It’s also the most critical time for a new camshaft.


Q What information will I learn when the session is over.


A.  At a minimum you have horsepower, torque, air flow, fuel efficiency numbers, engine vacuum, air\fuel ratio (O2) along with current atmospheric conditions. Depending on the engine, there are an additional 24 channels that are optional. When the session is over you will be given a CD with all the information the dyno has collected, not just a single dyno sheet.


 Q. Can the customer, help with the dyno session?

A. YES, I encourage customers to participate as much as they feel comfortable. I understand that after all the time and money that has been put into the engine it is a very exciting (and nervous) time watching it come to life.

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